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Is Insight-Driven Inventory Management with Tablet PCs the Way to Go?

Better inventory management can do far more than streamline your warehouse. It can improve your image and your profitability.

The old ways were cumbersome, inherently slow and mistake-prone. Your people spent considerable time counting things and pushing paper instead of moving inventory swiftly and surely to the sales floor or customer. You weren’t absolutely sure what inventory you had on hand, or exactly where it was at any given time.

That doesn’t cut it any more. The clipboards of old are being replaced by tablet PCs – not just a new tool, a smart new tool.

Today, each one of your customers thinks your business revolves around them.

rugged tablet pc warehouse inventory managementAnd it does, if you want to keep them coming back and develop an expanded long-term relationship with them. They don’t want to experience out-of-stock issues or stand around while you try to find what they want. Or determine when it might be available.

Leading-edge retailers saw the need to transition to a technology-based inventory management system, and by now nearly everyone else has followed suit.

Back in the Middle Ages, Sir Francis Bacon spoke wisely when he noted that “information is power.” And while today’s retail environment may not be truly Machiavellian, it’s certainly competitive. And it’s getting tougher every day, as consumers and retail store managers expect greater differentiation in merchandise, packaging, even which store gets how much of what items.

Arming yourself with the right the latest inventory management technology and putting tablet PCs in the hands of your people enables you to stay on top of inventory supply and allocation demand in the face of rapidly-changing distribution requirements. You can capture details about incoming inventory or departing shipments, instantly uploading it to your central database so anyone can see and use the information.

You can replace the uncertainly of your old processes with information – the data you need to better forecast and plan. You can accurately evaluate your processes to manage both desired customer service and desired inventory levels.

Now you’re proactive. And that puts you in control of your inventory like never before.

The results?

  • You can reduce dissatisfaction and costs associated with out-of-stock and overstock. Retailers report they’re able to significantly reduce inventory, even with higher sales. And fewer problems translates into happier, more loyal customers.
  • You can reduce inventory carrying costs. Retailers report they’re able to forecast demand far more accurately.  
  • You can match supply to demand, with faster response times. And you can more effectively analyze how fluctuations are affecting inventory planning and management.
  • You can streamline inventory planning and institute more reliable consistency,  even among multiple and differing locations.

With a tablet PC, you have the information gathering and reporting device right in your hands. You have the software and processes to manage that information, through ordering, allocation and restocking. You have the insight you need to function nimbly and efficiently.

Instead of an adversarial relationship with suppliers, you’ve improved communications all along your supply chain. You and your suppliers have learned that working together helps all of you achieve your common goals of greater productivity, stronger profits and enhanced customer service.

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