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Amusement Parks Deploying Tablet PCs to Improve Operations

To their patrons, amusement parks are all about fun and games. But to their owners and employees, amusement parks represent business on the move. Visitors are impatient. They want to get in the gate and get busy experiencing everything the park has to offer. Facilities that use a rugged tablet PC to keep up with customers have the happiest visitors and the strongest sales.

See how truly rugged a MobileDemand tablet PC is.


rugged tablet pc amusement park entertainmentArmed with a rugged tablet PC, amusement park personnel have complete flexibility to move around the property as needed. They can improve customer service by:

  • Eliminating lines.

Even with multiple entrances, things can get hectic at peak times. But excited families are anxious to get to the fun part. And at some point they want to eat, in a sit-down restaurant or on-the-fly at concession stands sprinkled throughout the property. Some parks even include pools or other relaxation areas with food and beverage offerings.

Wherever they are around the park, nobody wants to wait in line. Rugged tablets can significantly boost customer satisfaction by busting lines. That can increase sales, too, because the less time people spend in line the more time they have to spend on rides, snack breaks or purchasing mementos in the gift shop.

  • Serving as roving ambassadors.

Amusement parks are huge, and visitors can easily get lost or have questions. With attendants roaming the area, rugged tablet PC in hand, customers can get the directions or other help they need without having to hike to an information kiosk.

When rides require a minimum age for children to participate – or if one of the restaurants serves beer or wine -- workers can quickly confirm the patron’s age.

  • Capturing sales right on the spot.

Line busting does more than shorten the wait at the main gates. If a large group swarms up to the Ferris wheel or a concession, or visitors need more ride tickets mid-park, it’s never a problem with a rugged tablet PC.

Staffers can work the crowd wherever they are, rather than sitting around waiting for the line to file past their cash register. Tablets with built-in RFID and magnetic swipe capabilities make point-of-sale truly mobile by instantly completing credit card transactions.

That kind of customer responsiveness makes people want to return.

But tablet computers have to be rugged.

In many ways, amusement parks seem like any other retailer with departments spread over a large area. But their “sales floor” is almost entirely outdoors, and it can be something of a rough-and-tumble environment. That makes the functional reality of an amusement park more like industrial warehousing or distribution operations.

Only a fully rugged tablet PC has what it takes for success in such an environment. It’s an all-in-one tool with integrated features such as:

  • Touch screens that are easily readable in bright sunlight.
  • Small and lightweight for easy portability.
  • Powerful computing ability.
  • Wireless connectivity for two-way data or even voice communication.  
  • Bar code, magstripe and/or RFID readers to instantly capture information or take payments.
  • Internal and external durability expressly developed for outdoor environments where hot sun, rain, cold, dust or the occasional drop are all part of the job.
  • Expandability as applications are added or modified.

Amusement park managers are learning that a rugged tablet PC can make their employees more efficient and more productive, impressing visitors with their proactive service. That adds up to increased loyalty, increased sales and stronger profitability.


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