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Increase Workforce Productivity Through Tablet PCs and Automation

Even small improvements in workforce productivity can add up to substantial results for your bottom line. So it’s no wonder businesses across all industries are introducing automation wherever they can, to work both better and smarter. The advent of tablet PCs has made that the transition to automation not only possible but even more beneficial.

rugged tablet pc warehouse barcode scannerWith semi-rugged and fully rugged tablet PCs now available, you can implement leading-edge technology solutions in any type of working environment, from the sales floor or a customer’s living room to warehouses, transportation and outdoor job sites. Even the military battlefield.

Properly outfitted, a tablet PC can withstand virtually anything in the way of harsh treatment or weather. And although it’s small and light weight, it can provide a robust range of computing power, communications and long-lasting batteries necessary to get the job done, all shift long.

Coupled with relevant software applications accessible via tablet PCs, automation enables you to:

  • Virtually eliminate paperwork and manual data entry, increasing accuracy.
  • Manage scheduling and route management in real time, making on-the-fly changes due to traffic problems or last-minute customer requests. GPS even allows geo-fencing that can alert your office if a vehicle strays into an unauthorized area, a safety precaution where certain locations may be hazardous.
  • Greatly increase visibility and management of inventory. Barcoding and RFID provide hands-free picking and placement.
  • Greatly increase visibility and management of assets, both equipment and personnel. You can track locations and also performance details.
  • Simplify and speed up inspections and other data-gathering processes, and retain comprehensive records on a central database.
  • Speed billing and cash flow by capturing electronic signatures for proof of delivery and credit card data for on-the-spot payment.
  • Assure compliance with time-, date- and location-stamping and photos.

Automation and tablet PCs enhance communications, too.

Tablets can provide voice, data and graphics functions for mobile workers. You can communicate with them any time. They can contact you, or directly contact customers in case of a delay or need to reschedule. They can instantly access information or images such as diagrams to help them complete jobs correctly, eliminating the need for costly repeat visits.

They can use their tablet to increase revenue with up-selling and cross-selling, by using it to customers additional products or discuss extended warranty options. They can check availability, if necessary, and finalize the sale.

Their tablet effectively replaces devices workers formerly relied on to check in with the home base when working alone. Tablet PCs make automation comfortable, with ergonomic design that can even allow one-handed operation.

It all adds up to more detailed, reliable record keeping. And thanks to your central database, all information captured is instantly available to any person or process that needs it. You can more confidently comply with service level agreements.

Automation enables you to save time and money. Simply eliminating small time-wasters like having to switch batteries in the middle of the work day can add up to big costs by the end of the year. Automation brings you more information to support better on-the-fly decision-making and long-term forecasting and planning. You can significantly shorter billing cycles and improve cash flow.

With the right systems in place, automation can even allow your IT staff to accomplish upgrades and support for mobile equipment remotely, further extending productivity enhancements and cost savings.


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