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Be Prepared for a Natural Disaster by Deploying Rugged Tablet PCs

Nothing strikes a chord of concern among public safety officials more than the potential threat of a natural disaster. And no wonder, with so many highly publicized and truly destructive examples we’ve seen around the world in recent years. Thankfully, growing reliance on rugged tablet PCs to handle mobile computing and communications is helping communities establish a higher state of readiness.

Watch video on how fire departments are using rugged tablet PCs.


fire department natural disaster public safety rugged tablet pcJust managing your day-to-day field operations requires organization and reliable  communications. But when a natural disaster strikes, everything comes into play at once. Multiple jurisdictions, agencies and private-sector utilities must be able to respond immediately and in an entirely coordinated fashion. Hospitals, the National Guard and other resources not normally part of your operations loop must be linked in, too.

You have to be prepared.

The unpredictability of natural disasters means your risk analysis has to address virtually every possibility – impact on individual citizens but also area businesses that will need recovery assistance to protect the local economy and normalize things as soon as possible.

Readiness requires clear procedures and enough advance training so everyone involved can “instinctively” move into disaster response mode without delay or confusion.

Effective response requires seamless interoperability among all entities to facilitate information sharing. Speed is of the essence, so your systems will have to support instant access to information, computer-assisted dispatch and integrated functions like GPS to pinpoint locations.

Redundant systems are critical, because natural disasters can knock out power, equipment, entire facilities. And you’ll need expandable network capacity, to avoid potentially crippling overload when all your resource partners are using the system simultaneously.

Having all the right systems and procedures in place is fundamental. But they have no value if you can’t access them right away, from anywhere.

Rugged tablets provide that critical connectivity.

Especially in an emergency, you need equipment that won’t fail. Rugged tablet PCs provide easily portable, comprehensive voice, data and graphics capabilities. No matter where personnel are or which agency they work for, they’re ready and able to do their job.

A rugged tablet PC gives them access to real-time two-way communication and data, including video or photos. That supports on-the-fly decision-making and dispatching to keep up with situations that are both fluid and dangerous.

Rugged tablets are built to be entirely reliable under duress. They’ll work hand-in-hand with your crews around the clock, in the worst possible conditions, outdoors, out of mobile command centers or out of their own vehicles. Only a rugged tablet PC has the power and versatility to handle this kind of work load without risking a dip in performance.

You can even get rugged tablets with one-hand functionality, allowing emergency personnel to continue working while looking up information or talking to remote teammates. And rugged tablets make your response system scalable. You can instantly add people from any number of sources. That’s essential when every second counts.  

When timeliness is everything, you can’t afford communication that’s spotty or slow. And your teams can’t work efficiently with cumbersome equipment. Planning for the worst and ensuring you have the right tools at hand will enable your community to meet the challenge if a natural disaster ever occurs.


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