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MobileDemand Publishes eBook for Transportation & Logistics / Logistics Industry

As part of MobileDemand's effort to consistently create new content for the industry in which rugged tablet PCs are utilized, an eBook has been created for the transportation and logistics industry. This eBook focuses on the benefits of ruggedized tablets and how they can help improve operational efficiency and productivity.

This eBook from MobileDemand covers topics including shipping & receiving, fleet management, in-transit visibility & outsourcing and how rugged tablet computers can help improve operations in those applications and more.

transportation logistics rugged tablet pc ebook screenshotMobileDemand xTablet rugged tablet PC systems enable enterprises to extend business applications to mobile workers to access critical information and make better business decisions at the point of interaction. MobileDemand innovative rugged tablet PCs deliver high performance at a lower cost and enable greater efficiency and productivity in the field.

Adopted by transportation companies across the world, rugged tablet PCs have become essential to the rail transport, port, trucking and airline sectors. These tablets can help fleets become more responsive and deliver more shipments on-time without damage. Real-time communications can streamline dispatch operations and improve route planning, shipment tracking and customer service.

Download the transportation and logistics eBook today! 



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