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Deliver Increased Productivity in the Field with Rugged Tablets

In many ways utilities represent the front line of the battle between increasingly complex business performance demands and the need to control costs to remain profitable. It’s a volatile environment and your people and facilities are spread over a wide area. Your operation is the definition of “mobile,” the kind of workplace where a rugged tablet PC can really shine.

Shining is essential.

rugged tablet pc field service utilitiesEveryone on the business performance side of the equation expects you to do more -- if not with less, then at least without adding people or hard assets that drive up operations costs and capital funding requirements. And nowhere do customers have higher expectations, even in the face of the worst possible circumstances. But they expect the lowest possible rates. It’s a tight squeeze.

A rugged tablet PC provides productivity-boosting automation.

Manual processes are inherently cumbersome and often redundant. And they invite mistakes. They certainly don’t leave you in any position to step into the future. But there’s more to progress than simply adopting the latest technologies. You also need total connectivity.

New applications and broader capabilities can help you gather and use the data you need more efficiently and more accurately. But if they aren’t seamlessly interconnected so you can streamline and coordinate your efforts enterprise-wide, they’re not helping your bottom line. And you’re in real danger of suffering from blind spots that could leave you hanging in emergency situations or raise day-to-day costs.

A rugged tablet PC provides that essential connectivity.

When it comes to improving field productivity, real-time data and comprehensive connectivity are the dual keys to success, and a rugged tablet PC is the single tool that can facilitate and smooth implementation of those processes.

Rugged tablets are extremely versatile. They easily interface with both enterprise and other applications. And because they’re the top of the line when it comes to mobile devices, you can rely on them to give everyone on your team instant access to information they need, when and where they need it. Rugged tablet adaptability also assures your ability to coordinate seamlessly with external partners or agencies when necessary.  

Certainly there are other types of mobile devices out there, but only ruggedized tablet computers can provide the range of integrated features plus the all-around toughness to comfortably survive difficult field conditions. Consumer products and even some “industrial” grade devices don’t offer the full-scale communications capability, the computing power, or the staying power your people need when they’re working in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.

Rugged tablets enable your crews to communicate with each other, in-office departments, other facilities in your network and customers. Your people can use automated meter reading to instantly gather consumer consumption data and upload it to accounting and billing. That information can help both you and your customers track and understand consumption data and pricing variables. Your crews can monitor equipment function and receive alerts to impending malfunctions, rectifying problems before they interrupt service.

Rugged tablets give you real-time visibility into all your resources, from vehicles to parts.

As you look toward the future, rugged tablets will continue to be foundational. But you’ll also need:

  • Network capability that supports true connectivity throughout your physical facilities, labor force and external partners.
  • A full complement of relevant management applications.
  • Systems that enable both remote and centralized control.
  • Reliable service and support from your providers.

You’ll find a host of equipment and applications that purport to improve mobile productivity. But only careful selection and strategic implementation can guarantee you’ll get the results you need to improve both productivity and profitability. 


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