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Manage Police Better with Rugged Tablet PC Software

Police do a lot more than make arrests. And like other municipal departments, police operations have had to become much more business-like in recent years, finding ways to balance performance expectations with increasingly constrained budgets. They’re finding that it’s more effective to focus on proactive approaches and prevention. And they’re using rugged tablet PCs to make that happen.

rugged tablet pc police department operationsTechnology innovations – especially the combination of workforce management software applications and rugged tablets -- have opened the door to new ways of doing things that make the most of professional law enforcement officers’ time. With instant access to far more detailed intelligence, police can function more efficiently and more effectively.

The same software that makes mobile officers more effective enhances behind-the-scenes business management efforts, too.  

A rugged tablet PC pulls it all together.

Police have plenty of equipment to drag around as it is. Ruggedized tablets give them a small, lightweight and comprehensively useful tool that fits in their hand and can even be used one-handed. These specially-designed tablets are powerful, sturdy and dependable even under duress, combining voice and data communication and computing in a single device.

Officers can gather data on-scene and instantly transmit it to others. They have full access to police databases and other timely information. They have tools such as GPS and related mapping and navigation, even 3D visualizations with landmarks, imaging, etc. right at their fingertips.

Adding workforce management software is just one more easy interface for a rugged tablet PC. But the productivity benefits are far-reaching. That’s critical, when you consider that police departments typically spend 85-90% of their budgets on personnel.

How does workforce management software help?

It enhances scheduling, by getting the word out about open or emergency shifts and assigning officers based on who’s nearest or has the necessary specialized skills. That helps balance in- or out-of-vehicle patrol time versus investigative or paperwork time, courthouse or community event appearances and the myriad other activities than can fill police days.

On the flip side, electronically-assisted scheduling also assures accurate time-keeping and payroll data. And it supports other departmental precinct and 911 dispatchers can make better-informed decisions faster, and commanders have the current and historical data necessary to identify trends and make longer-term plans.

Workforce management software also enables police departments to plan and execute participation in community special events, which can save substantial advance time, ensure greater visibility and communication during events and streamline coordination between multiple jurisdictions.

It’s also possible to more effectively manage the broader intricacies of emergency situations that sometimes involve multiple departments and even outside agencies, to assure fastest and more appropriate response.  

Coupled with rugged tablet PCs, workforce management software is enabling law enforcement agencies to operate more efficiently, more effectively and more proactively throughout their communities. Since police at every level are used to relying on communication to perform their work most effectively, there’s little learning curve when adopting advanced applications.

And everyone can immediately appreciate the benefits of greater speed and visibility.



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