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Free Webinar TOMORROW: Choosing the Right Tablet PC to Win

Tomorrow, June 12th from 2 to 3 PM EDT, join Jon Rasmussen (MobileDemand), David Krebs (VDC Research), and Stacy Morin (Great State Beverages) for a FREE webinar titled "“T” Up Your Business for the Long Drive: Choosing the Right Tablet to Win".

webinar presentersThere are a lot of mobile technology choices on the market today. Which ones are right for your business?

This informative webinar will hit on these three T’s:

1)Technology – What fits best with where your business is headed and addresses the challenges you face every day.

2)Total Cost of Ownership – Is consumer, rugged or fully rugged right for your business/users? How to truly quantify what’s right for you.

3)Testimony – Hear from a customer who tried consumer grade products and quickly changed to fully rugged to keep their business running.

“Birdie”, David Krebs of VDC Research will give you an insider’s view of the findings from their latest TCO study, released March 2013, on consumer, rugged, and fully rugged products.

“Eagle” Stacy Morin of Great State Beverages, Inc. will discuss the challenges their business faced trying to implement a consumer device, why they quickly chose to switch to a rugged, and the results they are achieving today.


Register for the webinar today and we’ll send you a link to check out our TCO calculator based on data from the VDC study on Total Cost of Ownership.

As a webinar attendee, you’ll also receive the white paper titled “Buying Considerations for Tablet PCs: Choosing the Right Tablets for Your Mobile Workforce.”

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