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Restaurants See Increased Customer Satisfaction Using Rugged Tablets

Restaurant patrons are quickly becoming accustomed to having more control over their dining experience due to the emergence of mobile computing in the restaurant industry. Whether at a nationwide fast food chain or a casual dining restaurant, customers are experiencing a new industry focus on adopting mobile computing to improve their satisfaction.

Many fast food chains use tablets for line busting and to speed up walk-in and drive-up traffic at peak times. Fully rugged tablets can be utilized for unmanned ordering kiosks or even tabletop mounted ordering and entertainment hubs. Enhancement options like integrated magnetic stripe readers or payment brackets allow for quick and secure transactions.

The casual dining industry found that patrons enjoy the flexibility that tabletop ordering provides, which has led to improved table turn times. Owners have even see increased tickets, as the ordering process is not dependent upon a server remembering to offer another drink or the night’s special, appetizer or dessert. Servers may forget to offer these, but the tabletop ordering system won’t. Consumers also enjoy the ability to pay at the table for the time-savings and convenience of maintaining possession of their credit card at all times.

Having a durable rugged tablet that can withstand spills and drops is the key to tabletop displays and kiosks becoming a fixture in the restaurant industry. While rugged tablets may have higher upfront costs, they are engineered to be protected from the drops and spills that occur in restaurant operations. Rugged tablets are much less likely to need repairs or replacement from drops or spills than consumer grade devices.

For restaurants, rugged tablets improve the bottom line while also enhancing the customer experience. Check out our restaurant industry page, contact us, or call 319-363-4121 to learn more.

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