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How Tablet PCs Can Help Achieve Greater Efficiency in Public Sector

The last few years have seen an exponential increase in public sector use of mobile technologies and specialized software applications to improve efficiency and productivity, better manage assets and save money. A tablet PC has surfaced as the preferred choice to help workers at any remote location – indoors or out – work faster and more accurately.

A tablet PC is the clear tool of choice because it’s an all-in-one device that combines the best traits of laptop computers and cellular phones in an ergonomically-designed handheld device. Ruggedized tablets are proven to substantially exceed consumer grade devices when it comes to durability, reliability and performance in any conditions, while providing a lower total cost of ownership.

Those are efficiencies that public agencies, governing bodies and citizens can all appreciate.

A tablet PC is a sound investment because it supports virtually every type of work process or information need public sector personnel can encounter, linking people and data in real time.

Learn how Schertz PD (Texas) increased efficiency and officer safety by deploying tablet PCs.

rugged tablet pc police department public safetyProperly outfitted tablets readily interface with specialized management applications and incorporate functional features such as GPS mapping and location-stamping, bar code and RFID scanners, speech recognition, wireless voice and data communication and imagers that allow photos, video, electronic signature capture, even on-the-spot payments. Adding Bluetooth to wireless capability enables remote use of printers or other peripherals.

Exactly how can a tablet PC help boost efficiency?

Police, military, fire, utility, transportation, parks, building inspection and warehouse personnel all work in the field. They regularly interact with each other, the office and, sometimes, citizens. In an emergency, you also need instant communication with external agencies, hospitals, private utilities and first-responders.

Ruggedized tablets are specifically designed to perform dependably over long hours in even the worst temperature extremes, dirty or wet environments. Interior components and exterior housings can withstand shocks, drops and sustained vibration. Vehicle-mounted or handheld, a tablet PC can provide comprehensive real-time connectivity.

With a tablet PC in hand, your people can:

  • Manage inventory and assets, tracking or picking everything from warehouse items to vehicles, around their facility or throughout your supply chain.
  • Manage official records such as applications, permits, licenses, inspection reports or tax records – in the office or in archives -- using bar code tracking to establish chain-of-custody for regulatory or other compliance needs.
  • Collect field data and immediately upload it to your central database, so it’s  universally available.
  • Coordinate emergency management activities.
  • Enhance security.

You can save time and money and significantly increase productivity.

Here’s how some public entities are boosting efficiency with a tablet PC:

  • The Army’s Rock Island Arsenal has reduced distribution cycle time from three weeks to one day and achieved an 81% reduction in inventory overages, saving hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • The Navy can inventory and record parts in a half-hour instead of a full day, again saving millions in labor and excess inventory.
  • New York City’s health and environmental inspectors can enter data, complete reports, add notes and location stamping in the field.
  • The Seattle Fire Department can triage patients and share the data with remote hospital staff in a mere 10 seconds.
  • The US Border Patrol NEXUS program can expedite crossings for low-risk individuals, and agencies all around the country are using similar systems to collect road and bridge tolls from regular users.
  • Maricopa County, AZ, has deployed tablet PCs for remote use by law enforcement and other field-based crews.

Are you taking full advantage of your tablet PC?


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