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Why You Should Care About In-Transit Visibility Part II

Better visibility into your inventory and logistics systems can bring outstanding efficiencies and tangible savings – that “dynamic duo” of reduced costs and increased revenue that ensure a strong bottom line. But to grow and thrive, your business also needs loyal customers. In today’s volatile marketplace, that requires speed, accuracy and adaptability.

logistics inventory management transportationIn our last article we talked about how the latest applications, used in conjunction with rugged tablet computers, can give you comprehensive in-transit visibility. We noted the retail industry is augmenting that new-found visibility with insight-driven inventory management practices that use real-time data to plan and fulfill product shipments that effectively balance stock reduction and customer service goals.

Today’s shoppers are relentless in their pursuit of what they want, when they want it  and where, be it in-store or via home delivery. Retailers can no longer survive without the ability to meet these demands. And they’re not alone. Many industries are seeing similar escalation of customer expectations for tailored delivery. 

Insight and visibility enable you to manage proactively, to achieve both greater customer satisfaction and greater profitability. How?

You can save money.

Fuel consumption is one of your most significant costs. Better visibility enables you to reduce miles driven and unnecessary idling time, saving on fuel and vehicle  maintenance resulting from wear-and-tear. You can identify and repair problems before they grow, ensuring least cost and time out of service.

Better visibility virtually eliminates out-of-stocks and over-supply. And you can significantly reduce damage claims, putting money right back into your coffers.

Over time, you can plot trends using the information you gather, using that intelligence to streamline fleet procurement. With true visibility, there’s no need to purchase and maintain an overly large number of vehicles “just in case,” and no temptation to push vehicles past recommended hours of service or maintenance schedules because the workload is too great.

You can increase productivity.

Better visibility helps each driver accomplish more per shift and streamlines work for accounting, human resources and customer service staff. They can devote less time to payroll, customer questions, hunting down shipments that went astray, etc. What if you saved just one hour per person each week?

You can grow revenue.

Streamlining “creates” time to introduce new revenue-generators. That could be premium-priced value-added services such as priority delivery scheduling, electronic signature or geo-stamping for enhanced proof of delivery or other documentation details. Customers are generally willing to pay more if they’re getting more. And saying “yes” to  their special requests builds loyalty.

Rugged tablets support insight and visibility. 

This single tool enables your people to efficiently accomplish their tasks, wherever they’re working within your operation. Ruggedized tablets are proven to last longer, with fewer problems, ensuring lower total cost of ownership and stronger ROI. And using an all-in-one device streamlines support and maintenance, too.

But technology promotes efficiency only if it’s actually useful and easy to use. The most cost-effective tablet computers meet your current needs for voice, data, imaging, scanning and GPS capability but also offer expandability for future additions. They interface seamlessly with all your applications. They’re ergonomically designed and lightweight enough for day-long use.

It can be difficult to quantify customer satisfaction, aside from online reviews and anecdotal reports. But it’s not hard to tote up the cost of dissatisfaction. In-transit visibility and insight-driven inventory management give you the latest tools to ensure your goods are flowing smoothly – in the right quantities, to the right places, at the right time.

That adds up to cost savings, more effective productivity and increased customer loyalty you can take to the bank.


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