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Top 5 Reasons Why Agriculture needs Rugged Tablet PCs

rugged tablet agriculture farmingFrom engineered crops to state of the art machinery, in a number of ways the Agriculture world is a leader implementing many facets of modern technology.  Agriculture is also an industry that can realize immediate benefits of choosing a Mobile, Connected and Rugged Tablet PC

MobileDemand works with many partners in the Agriculture world.  In fact there is a good chance that a Tablet was used at some point in the manufacturing of the heavy farm equipment that you can easily see out in the fields.  MobileDemand Tablets are also commonly used by soil samplers, farmers, and dairies.

The top 5 Reasons Agriculture needs Rugged Tablets:

1.  Vehicle and office docks mean that one Tablet can perform the functions of many different specialized devices.
2. A Rugged Tablet has integrated GPS, and can also be connected via USB or serial port to interface with other devices and sensors
3. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G and 4G Solutions mean a constant connection to the data that is vital to every day operations.
4. Specialized Xview Pro and Xview Hi brite displays mean easy view ability even in direct sunlight
5. A Rugged Tablet makes working on the go easy and reliable by running the Windows operating system, an optional barcode scanner, and readily available industry specific software.

A Tablet is often times the best way to get critical data out in the field.  With our new 4G LTE kit the MobileDemand Tablets will connect you via your preferred cellular network at the fastest data speeds available.  Throw in the integrated barcode scanner and reading barcodes on cattle and livestock tags can be read out in the field, meaning instant visibility into an animal’s history or required care.

Soil sampling has been another large area of growth for Rugged Tablets.  Many farmers now do much of their own soil sampling on four wheelers.  The ones who don’t often hire soil sampling companies to do the testing for them.  Many of these soil sampling companies are using MobileDemand Rugged Tablets, and when inclement weather occurs they can keep up their work without having to worry about the safety of their Tablets.  Many of these soil samplers connect peripheral GPS receivers to get sub-meter accuracy and then communicate with the Tablet through the serial port.  If the GPS receiver is attached to the powered vehicle cradle the Tablet can still be taken out of the dock without unplugging any wires.  This set-up is perfect for a multi-purpose Tablet that may have a dock in multiple locations.

Whether building machinery, planting and harvesting crops, or soil sampling, a Rugged Tablet is a valuable tool due to its larger screen size and easy portability.  A Rugged Tablet can be mounted to a 4-wheeler, inside the cab of a tractor or combine, or mounted to a scale to monitor weight and feed of livestock.  All of these factors contribute to a low Total Cost of Ownership and a long lasting Rugged device that can provide increased output for years to come.


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