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New Cable Protection and MSR for xTablet Flex Cloud-Based Tablets

xtablet-cable-retention-bracketForklift and other vehicle implementations have been a big success for the xTablet Flex cloud-based tablets and the Snap Mount. As you all know, breaking cables and connectors can be a problem in those operating environments. Following our cable strain-relief guidance is imperative, but a user could accidentally bring their arm down on the microUSB cable and break the connectors.

So a few months ago, we applied our knowledge and experience to design a cabling scheme and a bracket that could be adapted to current tablets to provide greater protection against accidental damage and would still be flexible for removal. We call this new option the Flex Cable Retention Bracket Kit.  
xtablet-flex-credit-card-readerWe've taken a similar approach to adding MSR (magnetic stripe reader) capabilities for applications like user ID cards and credit card payment.  The Flex MSR with I/O Mounting Bracket is a kit that will replace the I/O door with a slit door and MSR attached to the bracket with 2 screws. It is mounted so the MSR slot faces the user, makes swiping the card very user friendly.

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