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Case Study: Japs-Olson Benefits From Forklift-Mounted Tablets

One of the many attractive features of MobileDemand tablets is the ability to mount the ruggedized devices pretty much anywhere, giving access to real-time information to whoever may need it. ATV's, delivery vehicles, long haul trucks, forklifts, push carts. You name it, MobileDemand has probably mounted a tablet on it. Essentially, mounted tablets allow those mobile workers to do more work in less time.

One industry which requires quick and accurate movement of materials is the manufacturing and warehousing industry. Getting the right product from point A to point B, quickly and safely, and making sure that it's accurately tracked within the company database. For Minnesota-based Japs-Olson, the mounted hardware they were relying on for their daily operations, wasn't reliable after all. WiFi connectivity was intermittent, the processing power just wasn't enough, and the ruggedness of the devices struggled to withstand the constant vibration of the forklift movements. 

So they turned to MobileDemand and the rugged and powerful xTablet T1600. Once they replaced the old hardware with the new T1600 Windows tablets, improvements began to pile up!

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