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Case Study: Surface Pro 4 + Rugged Case for Manufacturing Industry

Best Surface Case for Business Timberline Manufacturing based in Marion, Iowa, a suburb of Cedar Rapids, is a contract assembler of wire harnesses, control panels, radios and other electronic assemblies for agriculture, food & beverage, off-road equipment, government and other industries. Their 45,000 square foot facility utilizes a team of over 100 dedicated employees to fulfill all orders small and large.

Timberline Manufacturing offers one source for control panel assembly, PLC control panels, harnessing, wiring and electronic assemblies with engineering services to ensure innovative design and quality products. Customers of theirs can improve control panel assembly and save time through integration and exact match assembly of panels.

The Customer Challenge

For inventory operations and work-in-progress tracking, Timberline was rather outdated for a high-tech company. Their process involved writing down part numbers, quantities and status updates with pen and paper and then transferring that data to a desktop PC at a later time. As you could imagine, this was not ideal.

Not only was that process of data collection time consuming but it was error prone on a consistent basis. And for a company whose business model centers around fast and accurate delivery of projects, this was unacceptable.

Timberline realized they needed to streamline the data collection process in hopes of reducing errors and increasing productivity throughout their entire operation. This initiated their search for a reliable and powerful mobile computing tool.

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