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  • Setting the Standard for Rugged Surface Pro

    August 14, 2017 HIAWATHA, IA - MobileDemand has announced they are the first rugged case for the new Microsoft Surface Pro in the Designed for Surface program.


    Matt Miller, President and …

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  • Drop Testing the xTablet Flex 10A Rugged Tablet

    Part of the MIL-STD-810G test method is sometimes referred to as the “drop test", and it gauges how well a device holds up to direct impacts while falling from a specified height. The tests are …

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  • Perfecting IoT Strategy in the Enterprise

    Enterprises face many challenges when devising an IoT strategy, particularly because these deployments tend to entail several operational teams and business units. The often-confusing number of …

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  • UAG vs. MobileDemand | Surface Pro 4 Rugged Case Drop Test

    To test the durability of the UAG Surface Pro 4 rugged case, we performed a head-to-head drop test against the MobileDemand rugged Surface Pro 4 case. The tablets with cases were dropped from 4- …

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  • Why Should Enterprises Go With Windows 10 Professional?

    Windows 10 Pro devices provide you the powerful essentials you need for your business tablets and PCs - more security features, enhanced control, and robust and innovative devices – and …

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  • Protecting Company Data -- Are You Doing It?

    Information protection starts with protecting the data when the device is lost or stolen. Bitlocker is Microsoft’s solution for this scenario and it offers enterprise-grade full disk …

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  • 4 Tips to Get the Most out of Microsoft Edge

    Pin Tabs for Quick Access

    See your favorite websites in the same place every time you open Microsoft Edge. Just right-click on an open tab and select Pin.

    Web Notifications

    Web …

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  • Uses of Digital Inking in the Field

    What is "digital ink"? Digital ink consists of using an active pen with a battery and a chip that interacts with a digitizer component on the device's screen. The result is an experience …

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  • Limited-Time Surface Promotions

    MobileDemand is currently running several limited-time promotions. See list below for sale prices and promo codes to use during checkout.

    Surface 3 Rugged Case: $109.95  $74.95

    Promo code: S3 …

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  • Rugged Windows Tablet Certified for Verizon Wireless Network

    MobileDemand, provider of the broadest array of rugged Windows tablets, is thrilled to have achieved certification of the xTablet T1600 for the Verizon Wireless Network. The popular xTablet T1600 …

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