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  • 5 Mobility Trends in Government


    Technology has long been a catalyst for progress on key societal challenges around the world. The advent of cloud computing tablets, connected smart devices, and new ways to …

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  • 3rd Party Review of the xTablet T8650

    MobileDemand announced the xTablet T8650 mid-2016 as yet another innovative rugged tablet computer that offers something extra. In this case the extra is an (optional) integrated Intel RealSense …

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  • Modernizing the Telecom (CSP) Customer Experience

    The Retail Store Associate and the Field Technician represent two of the primary customer engagement touch points for communication service providers (CSP).  In many cases, they represent the …

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  • Challenges of a New Era in Manufacturing and Resources

    Increased mobility, limited access to critical information in real-time, and complex industry regulations are all critical challenges that are slowing down the speed of business for manufacturing …

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  • Three Ways 2D Barcodes Increase Warehouse Efficiency

    Automated data collection systems, like barcoding, are a key method of ensuring data accuracy, reduce risk and increase traceability. Today's supply chains continue to grow in complexity which …

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  • It's Here! The xTablet T8650 Rugged Tablet with 3D Camera

    On May 31, MobileDemand announced the coming of the xTablet T8650, an innovative 8-inch rugged Windows tablet with an optional 3D camera. We are excited to announce that it's here and we're …

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  • First-to-Market Rugged Tablet with 3D Camera

    MobileDemand, a leading rugged Windows® tablet provider, has designed an innovative 8-inch rugged tablet with integrated 3D camera. The xTablet T8650 is engineered specifically for the …

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  • Does Barcode Scanning Speed Actually Matter?

    For years, there have been advances in barcode scanning technology including the speed in which 1D and 2D barcodes are read.  You may start to ask yourself, how much faster really matters? …

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  • The Basics of a Barcode


    A barcode is a square or rectangular image consisting of a series of black lines or squares and white spaces of varying sizes that can be read by a scanner. Barcodes are applied …

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  • MobileDemand Launches Free Online Barcode Generator

    Most people know what a barcode is - lines, rectangles, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns of different widths and sizes representing data, that when read determine what the scanned …

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