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Case Study

Rugged Tablets Enhance NASCAR Pit Crew Performance

The Red Bull Racing Team was looking for a competitive advantage by adopting technology that was rugged enough to survive the grueling and hostile NASCAR racetrack environment. It also wanted to automate the collection and distribution of critical car performance and equipment data in real-time to speed up decision making at the track. Working with real-time data would let the team make quicker decisions that could affect the outcome of each race – when to call for a pit stop, tracking how much fuel goes in the tank, how the tires are wearing. Mired for years in outdated pencil and paper and dry erase boards, the team needed a tablet that could run Microsoft Windows and its racing software. One that could survive track temperatures reaching 138 degrees and being left out in the rain. MobileDemand offered an Intel Atom-powered solution that saved The Red Bull Racing Team both time and money.

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MobileDemand Windows Tablets Reduce Retail Chain's Cost of Goods Sold

Affiliated Foods Midwest (AFM), a cooperative owned entirely by independent grocers, made a simple computer switch in its stores recently that led to a large and very real financial payoff.

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Box Canyon Dairy Reduces Cattle Wrangling Time with Rugged Tablets

When it comes to taking care of a herd of cows, few things are simple. In addition to nourishing them and cleaning up after them, there are the more difficult tasks of providing each and every cow with the veterinary attention needed to thrive. That includes everything from basic examinations to treatments and breeding shots. Simply identifying the animal that needs treatment can turn into a logistical nightmare.

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