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News Posts

  • Tablet PC TV Video Blog

    MobileDemand is proud to announce the new Tablet PC video blog.  We are the sponsor of this video blog where Tablet PC related videos will be compiled in one central location.  …

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  • MobileDemand Rugged Tablet PC YouTube Channel

    MobileDemand has launched our YouTube Channel.  Check it out… another central location for our expanding Rugged Tablet PC video library.

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  • New Facebook Tablet PC Page

    Check out the new Facebook Tablet PC Page by MobileDemand. The Tablet PC related news and information provided by MobileDemand not only keeps up with the information provided on this …

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  • New Tablet PC from MobileDemand

    MobileDemand has announced an addition to our line of xTablet Rugged Tablet PCs - the xTablet T7000. See the rugged Tablet PC blog.It's a small and lightweight rugged Tablet PC (actually …

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