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Challenges of a New Era in Manufacturing and Resources

Increased mobility, limited access to critical information in real-time, and complex industry regulations are all critical challenges that are slowing down the speed of business for manufacturing and resources companies. Let’s look at some of the most pressing challenges that manufacturing and resources (M&R) companies are facing.

The first challenge is managing a mobile workforce. M&Rs have always relied on a dispersed workforce, with employees spread out at corporate headquarters, in plants, and out in the field across the country (and the world). As new technologies emerge to support mobile workforces, such as cloud-based rugged tablets, M&Rs must adapt their management tools to retain top performers and realize efficiency gains.

Harnessing the power of data is also an ongoing challenge. As businesses and their customers create more and more data, making use of that information in real-time becomes increasingly important for efficiency, customer service, and cost savings. Field employees have traditionally had limited access to critical corporate information. Traditionally, a field worker must print out or download important information before leaving the field office, as corporate data is often hidden behind a firewall or saved in file types that are not supported on consumer-grade mobile devices. Furthermore, employees are not able to quickly share their own data, often recording data and insights on paper in the field and transposing it when they are back at their laptops or computers.

Another challenge is that M&Rs require collaboration in real-time. In order to refine designs and make decisions, employees need to be able to connect with their colleagues whether they are in another country, on-site, or just down the hall. Communication apps are key to enhancing productivity through collaboration. And being able to provide access to files and without sacrificing the fidelity of those files is key for collaborating and sharing.

Finally, M&Rs face some of the strictest and most complex industry regulations, since producers of consumer goods, medical supplies, environmentally sensitive materials and defense products are dealing with highly confidential information. Local regulations can hinder or accelerate strategies for enterprise growth.

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