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Drop Testing the xTablet Flex 10A Rugged Tablet

Part of the MIL-STD-810G test method is sometimes referred to as the “drop test", and it gauges how well a device holds up to direct impacts while falling from a specified height. The tests are designed to determine how well a device can put up with general physical abuse while in operation.

For MobileDemand, all new rugged tablets are drop tested including the new xTablet Flex 10A 2-in-1. This specific tablet was dropped 26 times from 4 feet, hitting every edge, corner and face of the device. And while competitive companies will use up to 5 tablets to pass all 26 drops, MobileDemand uses only 1 to prove its true durability.

The easy-to-carry xTablet Flex 10A rugged tablet starts at only $595.

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