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Enabling Communication and Collaboration Within Law Enforcement

First responders and law enforcement personnel want consistent experiences, whether they are using a tablet to take witness statements, a laptop in their vehicles, or a desktop at headquarters. Office 365 and Windows 10 tablets provide those consistent, rich experiences—optimized for keyboard and mouse, or touch. Officers can handwrite notes in OneNote or use speech recognition software and Word in tablet mode to record statements or dictate comments.

Collaboration across locations and devices plays a pivotal role in increasing situational awareness. Office 365 enables personnel—at headquarters, on patrol, in the field, or in any other location with an Internet connection—to stay in sync and gain critical insights by creating, editing, and jointly developing action plans, incident notes, and data analysis in real time. Through OneDrive for Business, officers can save and share content with their commanders and with each other—in a highly secure environment that meets stringent regulatory requirements. Skype for Business brings teams even closer by enabling instant messaging and real-time conversations and consultations. And Yammer provides a private social network where first responders and law enforcement personnel can collaborate across departments, locations, and apps.

Public safety organizations can encourage citizen awareness and engagement through online, interactive services. They can create dynamic forums for citizens to access, review, and exchange information with public safety agencies about incidents and events. Use SharePoint and Power BI to gather photos, texts, and social media feeds in a single location, combine it with GIS mapping—and track crime hot spots and law-enforcement activity in an area. Then make the analyses accessible to all relevant personnel, regardless of their location or the device they’re using.

Delve into rugged Windows tablets for law enforcement

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