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Field Service Need Real-Time Access to Information

With the right tablets and the right apps, field repair and installation technicians can find real efficiencies across many scenarios. Field workers carrying rugged Windows tablets with Intel processors have access to critical real-time data wherever they go.

Mobile workers in the telecommunications and field service industry need to:

  • Have quick, secure access to demos, step-by-step installation guides, and repair instructions will reduce workers’ time resolving issues in the field
  • View maps, get directions, and optimize routing
  • Use multiple LOB applications simultaneously while on-site, for maximum productivity
  • Enable efficient problem-solving by facilitating seamless collaboration and real-time contact with other employees and experts in the field or at headquarters
  • Automate manual work streams and consolidate the tasks of phones, laptops, and paper manuals with the power of a single device. Windows tablets allow field workers to close out work orders, capture customer signatures, and automate other manual work streams
  • Be equipped with thin, light, professional and [most importantly] rugged devices with a long battery life to keep up with field workers busy schedules; Rugged tablets can withstand the harsh environments including heat, dust, humidity, and accidental drops
  • Deliver a trustworthy and secure platform for critical store operations and inventory functions, locked down to only the apps necessary by role.

Field workers are installation and repair technicians who spend the majority of their time not at their desks, if they even have desks. These mobile workers need access to real-time data and corporate files, whether they are making a customer installation or repairing a wire in the field. They are looking for improved productivity and the ability to troubleshoot issues in real-time. They need the ability to send digital forms to both clients and coworkers, and to communicate with coworkers in real-time.

Most of these mobile workers require rugged tablets that can withstand the harsh environments (heat, dust, humidity, falls) found on site and in outdoor environments. 

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