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How Does Law Enforcement Use Tablets?

Below is a snippet of a new case study on Sullivan Police Department. They recently deployed rugged tablets to replace their aging and expensive vehicle-mounted laptops. Not only did they benefit budget-wise, but the productivity of Officers was also improved. Click here to read the law enforcement case study


law-enforcement-tablet-case-studyLocated in east central Missouri and 65 miles southwest of St. Louis, the town of Sullivan has a population of approximately 10,000 citizens and is served and protected by 16 sworn police Officers along with 7 civilian employees. 

The Sullivan PD has always been one of the leaders when it comes to deploying the latest technology to streamline their operations and help keep their officers and community safe. Many of the Officers enjoy having computers in the vehicles as it allows them to check the department database for suspect photos and residential information, as well as checking on the status of driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations without tying up a Dispatcher. This is a vital time saver for a small agency where they may only have up to 5 Officers on duty at any particular time.

They recently set out to find a rugged tablet solution to replace their aging and expensive in-car laptops. 

The Customer Challenge

As a small agency, budget is always an important aspect during the procurement process no matter what’s being purchased. For Sullivan PD, they’ve traditionally used Panasonic Toughbooks for their vehicle-mounted computers which can cost up to $3,500 for a single laptop. Considered a big ticket item at that cost, it just wasn’t feasable anymore as budgets become tighter and those Panasonic devices were failing more frequently.

The aging laptops were limiting the productivity of Officers to the point where they’d revert to collecting information using pen and paper in the field, and then transfer that data to the department database at the end of their shift.

These time consuming issues were affecting the bottom line, resulting in Sullivan Police Department seeking out for new public safety tablets or laptops.

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