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How to get Decision Maker Buy In

Buying a rugged tablet can be one of the best decisions for your company, but it’s also a major one. While a rugged tablet may be just what your company needs, it can be a substantial expense. There are a few things you can do to help you earn your decision maker’s buy in and help prove your case.


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Manage Your Emotions

First things first…take a deep breath. Often a big decision has emotion tied to it from the parties involved. Take time to compose yourself. Keep your emotions in check. By all means, show enthusiasm – just don’t let it trickle over into anger as it often does if there is even a slight road bump along the way. Stay calm and explain everything clearly.


Urgency is a major part of the decision process, but it can be complicated. It’s important for the decision to have a certain level of urgency, but don’t push too hard. This is something that will be unique to each situation. It has to do with timing, the individual you are trying to win over, and the structure of the company. Look at your unique situation and determine how to best push the urgency of your proposal.

Tailor Your Pitch

Every pitch should be unique. Each one should be tailored specifically to who you are trying to win over. Show the benefits at each level as necessary, as well as how those benefits support the company as a whole. How is this decision going to help the company? In the case of rugged tablets, price may be brought into question. Take the time to explain how use of rugged tablets will increase the productivity of company, taking any concerns about price out of the equation.

Bundle Related Issues Together

If there are multiple challenges the company needs to address, or simply multiple changes that will help the company grow, try and bundle them together as you are presenting them to the decision maker. This will be determined by the relationships of the challenges the company is trying to overcome. If one point of growth is rugged tablets, and the other is a vending machine for the break room, it would be best to bring those up separately. But if the points are closely related, such as tablets and needing mobile technology mounted in trucks, bundle these ideas in your pitch, even as a problem and solution.

Involve Others

It’s always easier to win decision makers over if you have more people in your corner. Not only will it show more people have vested interest in the change, but it will help flesh out the strategy more fully than if you do it on your own. Others will bring new viewpoints and ideas to the proposal, perhaps catching things that you missed, or seeing them in a different light.


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Large decisions affect many people within a company and will require approval from decision makers. To get their buy in and support, you have to keep a cool head and explain your plan and its benefits calmly and clearly. If you do this, the likelihood that you will succeed in showing the value of your proposition will be substantially higher.

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