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"I thought this rugged tablet was supposed to be indestructible?"

Rugged tablets are just that. Rugged. They're not indestructible nor do we claim that they are. The reality of it is that accidents happen, the devices are pushed to their limits and service and/or repair may be needed. Rugged tablets are designed for mobile workforce productivity, doing more work in less time and sometimes even the most durable technology on earth has a hiccup in its performance. That's why it is important that you select the right tablet for the job.

Rugged tablets have one of the lowest failure rates (2-4%) of any mobile technology out there and that's why enterprise operations across the world still rely on them. And if the screen protector breaks, if the device is run over by a delivery truck, if cow manure corrupts a USB port, if the tablet is accidentally falls in a bucket of water overnight, we're here to help you out.  Non-rugged, consumer devices in the same environment may experience greater than a 50% failure rate. 

Check out the two tablets below. The xTablet T7000 (left) is from a cattle farm, in for service about 6 months ago to replace the screen. The xTablet T1200 (right) is from a hog farm. Just be thankful that you can't smell either of these!

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