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In-Depth 3rd Party Review of the xTablet Flex 10A Rugged Tablet

Below is a snippet from RuggedPCReview.com's in-depth review of the new xTablet Flex 10A 2-in-1 rugged tablet from MobileDemand.

Ruggedized mobile computers can cost thousands of dollars, making them unaffordable to many potential customers. The MobileDemand xTablet Flex 10A that we're examining in this review, on the other hand, costs just $595. That's less than the cheapest iPhone 7. How is this possible? It's because a few years ago, MobileDemand decided to add to their lineup of heavy-duty rugged tablets a series of thin and light "business-loaded" tablets designed to deliver productivity improvements to the wide range of customers who require more ruggedness than consumer-grade tablets can deliver, but at a price that is not prohibitive. The original xTablet Flex 10 was part of that lineup, and the Flex 10A analyzed in this report is its successor.

How can MobileDemand sell a rugged Windows 10 tablet for so little money? By pre-packaging and assembling what is essentially a standard, albeit fully loaded, consumer/business Windows tablet with a competent protective case with bumpers and a carry handle. And also a scratch-proof screen protector and other touches and implements essential to a rugged device. So instead of searching for a case that may or may not do the job, buyers get a tablet with a heavy-duty case designed by experts in rugged Tablet PCs. For US$695 with Windows 10 Home, and US$670 with Windows 10 Professional.

This kind of pricing means that MobileDemand entered an entirely new territory with their xTablet Flex line (which also includes the Flex 8). Ever since Apple legitimized the tablet form factor with the iPad, tablets have become an integral part of our lives, selling in the hundreds of millions. Unfortunately, rugged tablet vendors have struggled with participating in the tablet bonanza. There are several reasons for that.

One is that traditional rugged tablet technology simply didn't appeal to buyers used to sleek, trendy consumer tablets. Another is that they balked at the high price of rugged tablets. As a result, many enterprise buyers opted for inexpensive consumer tablets and perhaps a third-party protective case. If they broke, they simply replaced them. There is considerable debate in the rugged industry as to whether it's a good idea to put consumer tech in a case. With the Flex line MobileDemand decided to find out for itself, and apparently it worked out quite well for them.

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