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Incident and Accident Reporting via Rugged Tablets with Windows

When it is critical to share information gathered in the field, public sector professionals depend on rugged tablet computers to deliver information when and where it’s needed. Tablets, or more importantly in that industry, RUGGED tablets, are field-ready solutions that are compliant with current public sector specifications.

rugged-pc-windows-tablet-police-law-enforcement-sheriff-laptop-vehicle-computer-mountsMission-critical mobile computing puts the power of information at the responders’ fingertips and allows users to interact wirelessly with dispatch and other officers when needed. This improves efficiencies—quickly and accurately sharing information—both in the field and in the office. In addition, mobile users are able to generate and submit incident, supplement, field contact and accident reports. Wireless technology enables the reports to be submitted directly into the agency’s record management system, where they can immediately be accessed and searched upon, enhancing communication between dispatchers, law enforcement and firefighters.

The pubic sector employees such as emergency response personnel demand rugged mobile computing solutions that stand up to harsh conditions and provide versatility, enabling workers in the field to work smarter, faster and safer. Rugged tablets with Windows provide not only field productivity but additional safety, letting law enforcement officers keep one hand free for action at all times. Data input with the tablet is highly flexible as well, with pen or touch input (including gloves), bluetooth connectivity, barcode scanning, vehicle mounting and multiple color cameras. These features allow customization to fit the needs of diverse agencies.

In addition to access to information such as local, state and national arrest warrant checks, stolen vehicle and property information, mug shots and records management information, field personnel are able to use rugged tablet PCs for dispatch, status updates and messaging. Officers increase safety by quickly alerting other officers of a potentially dangerous situation.


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