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Innovating Patient Check in Systems for the Healthcare Industry

MobileDemand to exhibit at HIMSS 20 Global Health Confrerence & Expo, March 9-13, 2020, booth #3828 in Orlando, Florida.

How MobileDemand’s rugged technology can improve efficiency in clinics and hospitals while increasing patient satisfaction.

Mobility is key when it comes to delivering a hardware solution that will change the game in the healthcare industry.  Doctors want to better serve their patients.  Nurses want to keep their doctors and their patients organized.  And office staff want to move patients in and out in the most efficient way possible, while also protecting their personal information.  That’s where digital patient check in systems come into play. 

The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Privacy Rule sets standards for individually identifiable health information to limit the use and disclosure of sensitive information, known as PHI (Protected Health Information.)  All healthcare professionals are very aware of the HIPPA Act and take the responsibility very seriously.

With patient care, efficiency, and protection of patient information in mind, MobileDemand has partnered with magnetic stripe card reader industry leaders to offer our health care customers a new way to improve efficiencies in offices and waiting rooms.  By incorporating the most technologically advanced and encrypted magstripe card readers into our already durable rugged xCase for Surface tablets, we’re able to bring mobility to patients when they’re feeling their worst, and give health care providers the ability to maximize the use of their existing EHR (Electronic Health Record) system like Epic software provides. 


Automated Patient Self Check-in Systems

Providers can survey and register patients easily with a quick card swipe to pre-populate existing patient information in Epic or any other EHR or EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system.  Patients can simply sit and review details from a mobile tablet instead of standing or waiting in a long line when they aren’t feeling well.

Best tablet for Epic EMR

The new Surface Go and Surface Pro Rugged xCases now have the ability to attach magstripe card readers for swiping credit cards, flex spending, or HSA cards, so that patients can more easily swipe for an automated patient check in experience or put it on file and use it to pay their medical bills. 

MobileDemand’s line of tablets are built to be rugged from the inside out.  That same rugged technology is what envelops the popular consumer-grade Surface tablets when paired with a MobileDemand rugged Surface xCase.  This minimizes tablet down time, which could cripple the office of a busy healthcare provider. 

There’s no need to worry about a tablet being dropped either.  These cases are drop-tested with a running Surface tablet to become MIL-STD-810G certified, which means they are military tested for rugged durability from drops at 4 feet high and continue to work normally.  So when a tablet in a rugged xCase is dropped or knocked over by a patient, just pick it up and it’s business as usual.

Best Tablet for EMR

Who can use a mobile tablet for patient check-in and registration?

It’s a great solution for community hospitals, academic medical centers, children’s organizations, multi-specialty groups, rehab centers, skilled nursing facilities, hospice care facilities, independent practices.  The option a mobile rugged tablet provides makes patients more comfortable, clinics and hospitals more efficient, freeing up staff to focus on patients and even see more patients. 


Benefits to Health Care Providers

In a world where providing the best possible, most efficient care to patients is the goal, and especially when there are more patients than staff to care for them, the check-in and registration process is an easy area to improve efficiencies. That’s where tablets in the healthcare industry come into play.

Providers can gather patient data and take encrypted payment information all from one device, thus updating the patient’s EHR while securely processing patient payments.  The MSR can be customized to interface with the provider’s payment processer.  The system is simple, easy to use and mobile.  Aside from enhanced productivity, the case is rugged, minimizing damage, downtime and future replacement costs. 


Benefits to Patients

Simply put, it’s more comfortable for the patient to provide information to the health care provider.  Instead of having to stand in an often long line at the front desk or at a kiosk, the patient can sit comfortably while providing necessary information, all while speeding up the time from waiting room to exam room.  This means patients can get “on the mend” faster.

Both Bundles with Surface tablets included as well as Rugged xCases for Surface are available.

What issue are you trying to solve in your clinic?  Innovators at MobileDemand can help and we want to hear from you.  Contact us here, request a demo tablet, call us at 319.363.4121 or email Sales@MobileDemand.com.

Original blog post: 10-1-19.

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