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Innovation Announcement: Stop glaring at your screen! New glare-free screen protectors from MobileDemand

The leader in rugged technology for mobile workforces is at it again!  With a steady cadence of listening to customer feedback and engineering regular enhancements to our fleet of products, there’s another one to be excited about.  Now you can get the same great screen protection you’ve come to expect on your tablets from MobileDemand, this time with anti-glare technology.  Introducing anti-glare screen protectors! 

A shattered screen can halt work on the spot, and it takes your tablet out of commission for days when it needs to be sent in for repair.  The strengthened glass in our screen protectors add another level of protection when your tablet is dropped on its face – offering scratch and chip resistance as well.  Our screen protectors also work with the stylus or pen that is designed to go with your favorite tablet. 

The anti-glare technology we use, makes it much easier to view your tablet’s screen in sunlight, making it the perfect option for workers on-the-go in field service, transportation, law enforcement, fire and rescue, delivery drivers, and more!   

On top of the strengthened glass is a special chemically etched coating that is designed to resist the glare caused by the sun or bright lights. The surface strength of etching the glass has some outstanding benefits over anti-glare technology that is simply sprayed on:   

  • More resistant to scratches - It has a greater resistance to scratches and generally lasts longer than other anti-glare screen protectors that can begin to scratch over time.  Our technology is more comparable to that of tempered glass. – Nice to have when working in rugged environments!    
  • Won't peel off - In addition, the anti-glare layer won't peel off like sprayed-on technology can.   
  • Smudge and fingerprint proof - The oleophobic coating combats fingerprints better than regular screen protectors, leaving your screen smudge-free. 
  • Feel of paper - Writing on etched glass has a similar feeling to writing with a pen on paper, which can feel more natural to those who need to write a lot. 

At MobileDemand we care about providing your mobile workers with the tools they need to be more productive.  These new screen protectors are designed to make it easier for workers to do their jobs wherever they might be – even outside!  Check back for more incredible innovations coming from MobileDemand. 

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