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Do More with your iPad iPad Pro or iPad Air

One of the most frustrating things about trying to use an iPad Pro® 10.5-inch iPad Air® 10.5-inch, or iPad® 9.7-inch in your work environment is its lack of business friendlinessThe iPad was built for a consumer market, and while there are unlimited apps that can help you run your business, many of them require additional hardware which can be difficult to attach to the iPad. That’s where the MobileDemand rugged case has you covered. With our xCase, all your add-on troubles vanish 

MobileDemand’s rugged case is designed with numerous screw inserts, allowing for nearly any add-on device to be attached directly to the case. Each screw insert comes pre-threaded for easy installation. Attaching devices this way will maximize the benefits of your iPad while keeping it mobile for ease-of-use.  

Rugged iPad Case with Inserts

The list of add-on capabilities is nearly endless with the addition of ancillary devices. If your iPad, iPad Pro, or iPad Air needs a payment system, the MobileDemand rugged case supports iPad-compatible PCI-compliant point-of-sale magnetic strip readers and PIN pad units – they attach directly to the case. Use a different payment system? We have optional brackets that are compatible with Ingenico, MagTak, PayPal, and many other module systems. 

Payment systems aren’t the only things that mount easily to the iPad case. Cameras, such as the 3D Intel© RealSense Depth Camera D415 and thermal cameras attach flawlessly with the rugged case.  

Nearly any ancillary add-on can be mounted to the rugged iPad case, either directly through the screw inserts in the back or through the addition of a bracket for added support. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to increasing the functionality of your iPad, iPad Pro or iPad Air! And if you can’t find what you need, our Engineering Team is more than capable to help create a custom fit for your needs. 

Need to know more? You can find more information here, or contact one of our Rugged Tablet Experts at Sales@MobileDemand.com or 319.363.4121.

We Demand More. Will you? 

Rugged Case for iPad or iPad Pro

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