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iPad Case- Easy to Carry Easy to Hold

MobileDemand’s rugged cases for iPad® and iPad Pro® have surplus of great features ranging from their ruggedness to add-on capabilities. But at the core, they are meant to protect a tablet that’s meant to be mobile.  


One of the most challenging things about a mobile tablet is simply carrying it. On top of not being able to stand up to demanding and rugged fieldwork, the lighter, consumer-grade tablets tend to have a slick design and aren’t really meant to be carried from place to place. This leads to the risk of drops and breaks. There are more ruggedized tablets on the market, but they are often bulky and cumbersome in comparison. 


That’s where the MobileDemand case comes in. Each case is designed with two distinct features to make carrying easy. The first is the briefcase handle. The handle is a simple design, easy to remove should you decide you don’t want it, and is easily placed on the top or the side of the tablet. But this simple handle is all it takes to make carrying your iPad from place to place both comfortable and easy. Not only does it make carrying your iPad easy, it substantially decreases the likelihood of dropping 


In addition to the briefcase handle, the MobileDemand rugged case for iPad and iPad Pro comes with a back hand strap designed for comfort while using the tablet. Made to also be easily removed, the back hand strap connects near the four corners of the tablet, ensuring a strong and secure connection. The center pad makes it easy to slide on your hand, so you can still operate the tablet while holding it comfortably with a single hand. And if that wasn’t enough, we also offer a four-point shoulder strap, making it even easier to carry your iPad with you.  


With the MobileDemand rugged case, carrying your iPad Pro 10.5-inch or iPad 9.7-inch is so easy, you’ll want to take it everywhere, and you can! Need to know more? Contact one of our Rugged Tablet Experts at Sales@MobileDemand.com or 319.363.4121 for more information. 


We Demand More. Will you? 

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