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Keep Your Warehouse Organized and Efficient With These Five Tips

Here are 5 tips on how to keep a clean and organized warehouse that will lead to a more optimized operations system:

  1. Anticipate. Take the time to do it right, when it comes in. When receiving any sized shipment, whether it's large or small, take the time to break down the boxes and clean the warehouse floor. That way, when you receive larger orders there is more space for productivity.
  2. Optimize your processes. Create an efficient system by optimizing your picking process. Keeping a clearly labeled warehouse with best-selling products near the front, to get them out quick, creates an efficient warehouse. Additionally, integrating rugged mobile devices, such as the xTablet T8650, can decrease picking times and increase overall warehouse efficiencies. 
  3. Keep traffic areas clear. Large pile-ups can become barriers that can keep you from fulfilling orders. Be sure to keep things out of the high traffic areas to avoid major backups.
  4. Optimize warehouse layout. Do you have items that are frequently shipped together? Place these items together in your warehouse to decrease picking times. Picking and shipping consume a lot from the total production coast, to eliminate the inefficiencies dedicate specific placing for all products and items.
  5. Open lines of communication. Don’t underestimate your warehouse employees and their role in the success of your overall sales goals. Their speed and dedication can make or break your operations. Ask for their input and learn to trust their instincts.

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