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Long Life Batteries for Higher Productivitiy

When purchasing rugged tablets there are a variety of different factors enterprises consider to be important. For the xTablet T8650, one of the major advantages is the XL long life battery. 

Batteries tend to wear down over time and after several hundred charges, many batteries will lose charge extremely quickly. The T8650 XL Battery provides a better value to the user by ensuring their rugged tablet is sufficiently charged throughout the course of the day. The additional charge provided by the battery gives users up to 15 hours of continuous productivity.  

The T8650 XL Battery is only compatible with the xTablet T8650 from MobileDemand. The xTablet T8650 ruggedized device is engineered specifically for the mobile workforce, where productivity is key and on-the-go performance is a must. The xTablet T8650 revolutionizes how businesses can create photorealistic 3D models of their subject as well as near field automatic measurements in a variety of industries.

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