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Lumber Company Improves Inventory with Rugged Surface Pro 4

  Lumber Yard - Wood Ready for Shipping For over 50 years, Alabama-based Linden Lumber has specialized in producing and exporting Southern hardwood lumber across the globe. Their lumber processing, from logging to final preparation, consists of many different varieties of wood including red oak, white oak, ash, poplar, pine, cherry and many others.

Linden Lumber’s process of producing lumber is a complex “art form” that takes years of experience and knowledge, ensuring that lumber makes it from the forest to final preparation as smoothly as possible with the highest-yield possible. With over 250 employees involved in their daily operations, they saw room for improvement in inventory and shipping activities.

Customer Challenge

For Linden Lumber’s shipping and inventory operations, they used a traditional laptop which was non-rugged, cumbersome and lacked the functionality they needed to elevate their productivity and efficiency.

This translated to many staff members using the traditional pen and paper method and later transferring that information to the corporate database. This process was time consuming and created data errors throughout the mill.

Linden Lumber proceeded to seek out a mobile computing solution that would help maximize productivity while being rugged enough to within stand the various conditions in the mill.

The MobileDemand Solution

When Linden Lumber decided their non-rugged laptops were slowing down overall efficiencies within mill, they looked to MobileDemand for a rugged solution.

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