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Manufacturer Deploys Forklift-Mounted Surface Pro 4 Tablets

  Forklift-Mounted Surface Pro 4 with Rugged Case Before integrating MobileDemand into their manufacturing ecosystem, Rimports Manufacturing wasn't using any kind of tech at all – they were using clipboards. The clipboards were aided by short-range handheld barcode scanners.

The scanners helped, but they wasted a lot of time. Drivers would have to get out of their fork trucks every single time just to scan one label – because the screens of the scanners were too small, and they wouldn't recognize product labels even a modest distance. This weighed heavily on efficiency.

The scanners also proved to be ineffective unless the user was completely stable and in a fixed position while using them. This meant that drivers would have to stop, and forklifts could not execute label checks while moving. This resulted in employees scanning as few labels as possible, which precluded Rimports’ ability to move inventory effectively, and problematic inventory slipped through the cracks.

They needed a forklift-mountable device that could scan barcodes at high speeds, at great distances, and aggregate all their data seamlessly for benchmark checks and revisions.

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