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Microsoft Designed for Surface certification: What is it and Why is it Important?

MobileDemand's Surface® Pro and Go Case, with first-to-market rugged, integrated scanner and MSR, have recently been certified by Microsoft's Designed for Surface (DfS) program. But what does this certification actually mean and why is it important?

What is Designed for Surface (DfS)?

Microsoft's Designed for Surface Certification partner program ensures that any product used alongside Surface devices are: fully compatible with Surface, reliable, high quality, fully functional, and meet regulatory compliances. The Microsoft Designed for Surface team performs rigorous testing of partner products to validate quality and compatibility with their industry leading Surface portfolio.

Why is the DfS certification important?

As popular consumer-grade devices, there are a variety of accessory options available for the Surface Pro. The DfS certification differentiates products from generic or unqualified solutions. Off-brand Surface accessories that do not carry this certification may not fit or function well, or worse yet, cause performance issues for the Surface device itself. The certification enables users to distinguish between products to ensure you receive superior, high quality products consistent with Microsoft standards.

When you purchase a DfS certified Surface accessory, you can rest assured that it is the highest quality and most reliable solution. MobileDemand is working closely with Microsoft to ensure all current and future Surface products are certified.

“These high quality accessories deliver industry specific solutions that make the Surface Pro and Go product lines the right choice for frontline workers and retailers to maximize productivity or stay engaged with their customers. Each of these products reflect the Designed for Surface mission to ensure Surface is the best choice for people across the globe and we look forward to continuing to delight customers together into the future.” - Patrick Mendenall, Director, Microsoft Designed for Surface

Learn more about MobileDemand's DfS certified solutions. Contact us or call 319-363-4121.

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