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Integration of Intel RealSense D415 Camera Drives Breakthrough

MobileDemand has introduced an industry-first, mobile dimensioning system across the MobileDemand rugged tablet product line. By integrating the Intel® RealSenseTM D415 Camera  with MobileDemand’s Family of Rugged Tablets, MobileDemand can now provide businesses in the transportation, supply chain management, logistics, shipping, warehouse industries and more with the ability to quickly, automatically, and accurately acquire dimensions, and calculate volumes and dimensional weights of boxes and pallets.

Intel RealSense D415 Camera

By combining MobileDemand’s Rugged Tablets with the latest generation of Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras, customers can maintain their mobility and scan boxes and pallets anywhere, doing away with the need to transport boxes and pallets to a fixed-location dimensioning platform. Using this mobile system will simplify operations, reduce costs, and save time and money. Customers can scan boxes and pallets quickly and wherever their packages are, while ensuring their measurements are accurate. All of this translates into cost savings and increased ROI for MobileDemand customers.

MobileDemand T1270

While 3D cameras are not new to the industries we work with, the ability to be mobile with the cameras is. Fixed-location cameras limit when, where, and how the camera can be used. MobileDemand Rugged Tablets can go anywhere; and because MobileDemand Rugged Tablets are Windows®-based, our customers can use the software of their choice to complete their volume-dimensioning needs. Once a box pallet has been scanned, the measurements can be automatically entered into the customer’s software application, and dimensional weight will be calculated.

Mobile Dimensioning

MobileDemand will support the use of Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D415 across our product line. We offer a variety of tablets to meet our various customers’ needs. The MobileDemand Family of Rugged Tablets includes small, mid-sized and larger screen sizes. MobileDemand products also offer a broad array of price points, features and functionality. MobileDemand will help you find the right tablet for the job.

MobileDemand Rugged Tablets are engineered speci­fically for the mobile workforce and for anyone who has a need for increased productivity, safety and security. Stop by MobileDemand’s ModeX 2018 booth, B1527, to experience MobileDemand’s Rugged Tablets scanning boxes and pallets in 3D and the volume-dimensioning capability of Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D415. You can also register for a chance to win a Microsoft® Surface and MobileDemand Rugged Case. For more information regarding MobileDemand’s full family of products, visit RuggedTabletPC.com or contact a tablet expert at 319.363.2121 or Sales@MobileDemand.com


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