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Mobile Salespeople Choose Surface Pro 4 Over Android Tablets

Surface Pro 4 is the one device that delivers laptop power and tablet functionality. No more juggling between two devices. Surface lets sales teams access all the data and programs they rely on, including full blown Microsoft Office—so they can look their best and be productive all day.

With Surface, your mobile salespeople will:

Maximize productivity

  • Access all data and software anytime—reducing downtime
  • Power through the day with its long battery life
  • Shift from tablet to laptop and work however you like
  • Enter customer data only once on one device

Look their best

  • Impress clients by greeting them with a thin, premium device
  • Deliver presentations on a brilliant HD touchscreen
  • Collect digital signatures and reduce paperwork using Surface Pen 
  • Carry less and be more organized—all data and programs are in one place

Improve ROI

  • Replace laptops and tablets with one device
  • Manage and secure Surface like any other Windows PC in their environment
  • Adhere to existing IT and security protocols
  • Run Windows 10, Microsoft Office and the programs they rely on to minimize training costs 

Get more out of the sales day with Surface Pro 4.

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