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MobileDemand and Microsoft Surface: Performance, Mobility, Portability, Agility, Reliability

Did you know MobileDemand is an authorized reseller for Surface devices? Let us help you explore the versatility of the products, including Surface Pro options and the ability to protect your investment using our military-tested Surface case.

MobileDemand offers proven rugged solutions, including Windows 10 Surface devices that come with a 30-day trial of Microsoft Office 365. To be productive you need a powerhouse of performance with the ability to run all your desktop software – MobileDemand’s Surface Bundle provides functionality like this:

  • Control your device with the touchscreen, mouse, keyboard, or voice.
  • Rest your hand on the screen as you write, thanks to Advanced Palm Block technology.
  • Go beyond your workday – from office to conference room to coffeehouse to home – with the long-lasting Surface Pro battery life.

Not sure how to integrate Surface Pro into your business?

View the Video

The video shows how one innovative manufacturing and distribution company is running their business with a Surface Pro. And the new Surface Pro is even better! It has 50% more battery life and 20% more power than its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4.

At MobileDemand, our goal is to help you find the right tablet for the job. We work across many industries to help companies put rugged tablets at the center of their mobile business strategy.

Rugged Surface Case - Surface Pro 4 in Manufacturing Facility

Have questions about Surface Pro or how to find the right tablet for the job? We’ve got answers. Contact MobileDemand at 319.363.4121 or Sales@MobileDemand.com for information.

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