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MobileDemand Screen Protectors – Added Protection for Your Rugged Tablet

xCasesMobileDemand rugged cases for Microsoft Surface®, iPad®, and iPad Pro®, and iPad Air® are built to the same standards all our products are. The cases offer the rugged protection that only MobileDemand products can, keeping your tablet safe in whatever industry you work.  

Even when you add a rugged case to your tablet, that protection may not be enough. There is another vital piece you can add  a screen protector.  

MobileDemand Screen Protector

At MobileDemand we don’t stand by and watch when there is a need to fill or there is a way we can bring our customers value. One way we achieve this is by offering a screen protector for Surface and iPad tablets that provides the same added strength and protection you will find in our rugged tablets.

 MobileDemand Rugged iPad Case with Screen Protector

Made with strengthened glass, a MobileDemand screen protector is designed to be scratch- and chip-resistant. While any screen protector you apply to a tablet may impact the sensitivity of the screen, MobileDemand screen protectors are engineered for optimum clarity to minimize that impact. Our screen protectors are also designed to work with a stylus or pen, helping to improve a customer’s efficiency and productivity. 

It’s important to protect your investment. MobileDemand rugged cases offer that ability. If you need more protection, a screen protector will take your tablet’s ruggedness to the next level. 

At MobileDemand we Demand More. Will you? 

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