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MobileDemand Supports Educators Through the Offering of Windows 10-based Surface Pro with Rugged Case

Because technology is transforming education and creating new possibilities for education professionals, MobileDemand is partnering with Microsoft® to provide Surface® offerings to help inspire new ways of teaching and learning. MobileDemand’s Surface Pro Bundle brings the best tools for teaching and learning together in a Surface Pro, while protecting your investment with MobileDemand’s proven rugged case for Surface.

MobileDemand Surface Bundle

Over the past few years there has been a fundamental and core learning shift. From passive understanding of information to active participation, the way in which educators teach and assess, and how students learn. How students and teachers capture content, use information and share knowledge are all rapidly changing.

A Microsoft 10-based Surface Pro provides students and educators a better way to come together to collaborate, explore, and boost outcomes. By using Windows, students achieve a wide range of learning milestones on a single platform. Windows offers powerful tools that provide students and teachers the ability to capture ideas quickly, collaborate on documents in real time regardless of where they are, and increase productivity. Windows also offers a safe place to learn, with advanced security technology. Windows 10 helps protect users from malware and malicious sites and is compatible with a large range of devices and next-generation educational resources, like 3D printers and mixed reality. Windows 10 and Surface Pro can transform the educational experience.

Microsoft Surface in the classroom

MobileDemand’s Surface Pro Bundle is ready to deploy and starts with a Windows® 10, fully powered Surface Pro designed to complement the Office experience that educators are familiar with. The longer-life battery lets you go from the classroom to the breakroom to meetings, without the worry of losing power. The bundle also includes MobileDemand’s rugged case for Surface, which is impact-resistant with protected ports. The rugged case meets military requirements; engineered for maximum protection, the case is constructed of enterprise-grade plastic with rubber bumpers for shock absorption. It is lightweight for mobility, yet durable in order to survive the classroom and all education settings. Finally, MobileDemand provides a chemically strengthened glass screen protector to shield the display from scratches, smudges, and chips.

MobileDemand Surface Bundle


Microsoft is empowering teachers to keep students engaged and inspired, support new ways to teach and learn, and enable individual work and learning styles. No matter what your Surface Pro need is, we can help. MobileDemand offers the Surface Pro, our Surface Pro Bundle, a rugged Surface case, and accessories to help educators and students get more done.

Thanks to Surface Pro, you can work from anywhere, anytime. Thanks to MobileDemand, you can be sure your investment is protected no matter where you go. Contact a MobileDemand Mobility Expert at 319.363.4121 or Sales@MobileDemand.com for more information.

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