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Modernizing the Telecom (CSP) Customer Experience

The Retail Store Associate and the Field Technician represent two of the primary customer engagement touch points for communication service providers (CSP).  In many cases, they represent the only opportunity for the CSP to engage directly in a face-to-face interaction with customers. However, delivering on the goal of providing a great customer experience can be a challenge for desk-less workers. Mobile workers need access to the right data, systems, documents and people at the right time in order to better serve customers. Accessing information concerning their own work experience and role-specific communications may also be a challenge for these field workers.

Retail Workers: To stay ahead of informed shoppers and provide excellent customer experiences, associates on the sales floor need to be armed with instant access to detailed product and service information and recommendations. Store associates need to be better informed than their customers. Associates need information at their fingertips to more smoothly execute upselling opportunities, share relevant product demos, compare service plans and device attributes, and customize service packages to fit customer needs, history, and usage patterns. In addition to assisting shoppers and making sales, store associates must also be equipped to quickly and painlessly address technical, billing and inventory questions.

Field Technicians: Similarly, telecom/CSP field technicians also seek to delight customers and gain efficiency through streamlined installation and repair visits, and optimized routing. Mobile field workers and technicians need full connectivity to business support and CRM systems to alleviate customer frustrations and create fast, accurate transactions. Technicians need to send digital forms to both clients and coworkers, map routes to customer sites, access demos and step-by-step installation instructions, and close out work orders by collecting customer signatures – all without returning to the office. Field technicians on site need to be able to collaborate and communicate in real time in order to be productive. They must be able to instantly connect with field managers and technical experts to troubleshoot from the field.

In addition, broadening data access cannot come at the expense of data security. Operational data and customer information must be carefully managed and shared only with the right audience.

All of this can be accomplished by utilizing innovative rugged tablets equipped with Windows 10. 

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