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New Innovation, Opportunities for Public Sector, Government

Technology has long been a catalyst for progress on key societal challenges around the world.  The advent of cloud computing, connected smart devices, and new ways to communicate, interact and access information creates vast new opportunities to accelerate that progress, empowering new innovators, unleashing local economic competitiveness, and extending opportunity around the world.

To realize its promise for government and citizens, innovation has to be effective.  It needs to be practical and powerful, ultimately helping people overcome critical challenges and shape a brighter future


Detailed technology themes as needed

There are a few “mega” technology trends are changing how people work today.  Consumerization of IT, cloud computing,  big data and the social enterprise bring both opportunities and challenges to governments. Tablets are helping governments address these themes and engage with citizens, businesses, and employees in order to effectively and efficiently accomplish goals.

Devices, Consumerization of IT

As technology becomes ubiquitous, the line between the personal and the professional is blurring . People want to use the same technology at work as they use at home. Citizens have more choice, more options, and more flexibility in the technology that they use every day, from powerful mobile devices and computers to the social networks that they use to connect with each other. Citizens and government workers are consumers who expect seamless interactions with governments, businesses, and each other. Although consumer technology offers some great potential benefits to governments, it also represents added risk in terms of security, privacy, and compliance. Governments need to strike a balance between user expectations and efficiency, security and compliance requirements. And that balance is with enterprise-ready, rugged tablets.

Cloud computing

The emergence of cloud computing is a tremendous opportunity for governments. Cloud solutions allow customers to achieve better agility, realize economies of scale, and drive more robust user experiences. We also know that for today’s government leader and CIOs, the cloud presents an opportunity to rethink the role IT plays in accomplishing strategy.

government-tablet-IT-technology-mobiledemandSocial enterprise

Technology allows for increasingly interconnected organizations. Enabling collaboration and communication using social tools can help governments be more effective. With modern operating systems, we can help organizations take advantage of social media and integrate it with tools that allow workers to communicate more effectively.

People expect connections to be consistent, personalized, and social across all their experiences: how they work, how they interact with family and friends, how they access government services, how they enjoy entertainment, how they learn and how they vote. Our technologies enable governments to engage with constituents in new ways while at the same time improving internal collaboration. Using interconnected social and communication tools that meet the expectations of multiple generations of workers can increase productivity, reduce costs, and allow organizations to respond faster to new opportunities.


Government Officials want access to the right tools and data so they can be better equipped to respond to citizen demands and to make more informed decisions faster—helping to increase insight and accountability and support compliance within and across government agencies. Citizens want access to government services and they want them anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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