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NEW! iPads® Bundled up Tight in our Rugged xCases for iPads - Guess to Win one!

Customers have depended on us to ruggedize their iPads with our protective cases for quite a while.  They’re proven rugged from a 10-foot drop, easy to hold, mountable, and built for add-ons to make iPads more usable for any business use case.

Starting today you can get your iPads here as well!  We make it easy with the rugged case pre-installed on either an iPad® 9.7” or iPad Air® 10.5” model. The case also comes with a hand-strap, brief-case handle, and a screen protector made with strengthened glass, pre-applied by experts in a dust-controlled environment.  And if you’ve ever applied a screen protector yourself, you know how frustrating it can be to remove dust particles, get it perfectly aligned, and smooth out all the bubbles.  We eliminate that hassle along with the likelihood that the screen protector could break in the process.  Leave it to the installation experts at MobileDemand.

How many drops can a Rugged iPad Bundle Withstand?

When you receive your new rugged iPad, you simply pull it out of the box and never worry if it gets dropped, because we’ve got it protected.  Outfitted with our Rugged xCase for iPad, the tablet becomes very easy to hold while at work with the hand strap in the back or carry it with the briefcase-style handle for walking around.  And the corner bumpers provide added shock absorption.  When it needs to sit on a work station or a table, the iPad bundle is also compatible with an optional fully adjustable “kickstand” easel (sold separately.) 

These features make it less likely that your new iPad will get dropped, but when working in rough environments, we know accidents happen every day.  That’s why with our new Rugged iPad Bundle launch we’re testing just how rugged our rugged xCase for iPads is!  We’ve rigged up our drop-test structure to nearly five feet to simulate how far an iPad would fall when dropped.  And we’re going to keep on dropping it until it breaks!  How many drops do you think it’ll take?  Enter your guess* right now and see if our iPad still works after the last drop!

Free up IT Staff for a Quick, Efficient Deployment

The staff at MobileDemand gets how time-consuming it can be to deploy a new solution to your mobile workforce.  Just researching the best options and finding the right vendor can be overwhelming.  Our goal is to help our customers save time and resources with less project management for your IT staff. We’ll save your team hours of work preparing your new technology by pre-assembling all your iPad bundles before they ever leave our facility (this service is included in the price of every bundle we sell.)  Your team would just need to unbox, charge, and get the technology in your staff’s hands to start improving efficiencies the day they arrive.

Choose your Rugged iPad Bundle today!

*Contest ends 5/10/19

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