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Introducing New Map App with Top Public and Private Companies

Have you ever seen a list of the largest public or private companies and wondered where they all are on a map? Or are you an outside sales rep who has been curious if there's any large companies in your geographical area? Now you can with the xSalesMap by MobileDemand. A free, feature-rich Windows app which plots out the 1,000 largest public companies and 200+ largest private companies. The corporations are pinned on the map based on United States headquarters address.

Download xSalesMap App

Download the app now to your Windows 10 device to be immersed in the latest and greatest map app for business operations. Functioning just like Bing maps where you can pinch, swipe, scroll and filter for seamless navigation and favoriting.

Future development plans include making this map app connect to your own CRM system to show leads, prospects, customers, etc.

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