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New, Redesigned Cloud-Based Rugged Tablets

MobileDemand, leading rugged tablet innovators, has designed the second generation of cloud-based rugged tablets, the thinnest and lightest to date. With this launch, MobileDemand has the ability to deliver productivity improvements to an increasing wide-range set of customers. The xTablet Flex 8A and xTablet Flex 10A are enhanced rugged tablets built for mobile workers involved in field service, field sales, delivery, retail, and other light- to medium-duty industries.

The Flex A line has many business features which set it apart from consumer-grade tablets. The line of tablets has a high-performance Intel® Atom x5-Z8350 processor, Windows® 10 Professional, 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC drive to provide business level performance to get the job done. The combination of processing power with the well-known functionality of a Windows® OS delivers an affordable mobile computing experience that is better than ever for business.

Not only powerful, these tablets come standard with many of the accessories pre-assembled. Typically for this class of tablets, one would have to research and pay extra for these accessories from third parties. Both the Flex 8A and Flex10A come standard with many of the MobileDemand features and functions businesses demand, such as mounting options and carrying accessories. The devices offer a comfortable back hand strap, convenient briefcase handle and shoulder strap for reliable mobility. A secure grasp on the device is key to ease of use and preventing users from dropping the device, keeping IT costs down.

The revamped rugged tablets provide on-the-go workers across all lines of business with the portability and productivity of a traditional desktop in a slim, lightweight rugged form factor. Built with an innovative optional easel and keyboard, the Flex 10A is a necessity for all mobile enterprises. Constructed with a strong hinge, the easel allows users to view the tablet screen at any angle while the optional keyboard allows for increased productivity for out-of-office applications. The optional keyboard enables the Flex 10A to transform into a 2-in-1 device. The keyboard uses a non-wired clip that can easily be attached and detached from the tablet providing the functionality of a computer in a thin and light formfactor

Adding to the suite accessories and options, the new Flex A line comes standard with the snap mount clip you may have seen on other MobileDemand tablets. Whether in the office, vehicle or warehouse, users can mount their tablet nearly anywhere.  The optional vehicle mount is ultra-slim and sturdy, allowing the device to be securely docked in vehicles for added functionality in the field. 

Engineered for maximum protection, the tablets are constructed out of an enterprise-grade plastic with rubber bumpers occupying each corner for added shock absorption. It’s lightweight for mobile applications yet durable for tough, industrial jobs. Their rugged cases have two layers for MIL-STD 810G, 4-foot drop protection. The first layer is rubber with bumpers similar to what you see on the first generation of Flex tablets. The second layer is a high impact polycarbonate case that holds the rubber layer in place.

MobileDemand currently has limited quantity of the Flex 10A with more units becoming available late-February Flex 8A units will be available mid to late-March 2017.  The new line of tablets will be replacing the current Flex 8 and Flex 10 units. For more information on the xTablet Flex 8A and Flex 10A please contact MobileDemand by web at www.RuggedTabletPC.com or by phone at 319.363.4121.

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