New Rugged iPad Cases with Versatility and Future Productivity Options Launched by MobileDemand

New Rugged iPad Cases with Versatility and Future Productivity Options Launched by MobileDemand

Industry-Leading Ruggedness for Front-Line Workers in Business Enterprises. New Rugged Cases for iPad Mini and iPad Pro 11" Broadens Line of iPad Cases.

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa – September 10, 2019. MobileDemand launches another series of rugged cases, delivering productivity in the enterprise through built-to-be rugged tablets and innovative rugged cases. Rugged cases by MobileDemand enhance the capability of consumer and light enterprise grade tablets, such as Apple® iPad and Microsoft® Surface devices, converting them into highly productive tools for front-line workers. Announced today, the company has created two robust, rugged cases for the Apple iPad Mini and Apple iPad Pro 11” with patented features and utility to allow their users to get more done, faster and more accurately.

Proven ruggedness

MobileDemand sets the standard in investment protection and operational uptime with these new rugged cases. MobileDemand raises the bar to an industry leading six-foot drop specification as a testament to the high quality and standards proven to protect assets and provide peace of mind to the end-user and support staff. They are lightweight for mobile applications yet durable for tough, industrial jobs. In fact, MobileDemand expects the production units of the iPad Mini rugged case to achieve a ten-foot drop specification.

Easy to carry and hold

Both cases offer a comfortable back hand strap, convenient briefcase handle and shoulder strap for reliable mobility. A secure grasp on the device is key to ease of use and preventing users from dropping the device, keeping IT costs down and users satisfied with their tool.

Simple mounting to almost anything

The cases can be mounted where the work gets done. They include a plate for an easy to use and implement, patented Snap Mount system. The optional mounting rail is ultra-slim and sturdy, adding functionality in the field to mount the device to walls, beams, bars, side of machinery, counters, desks, lecterns, cabs of vehicle, and even securely mount in forklifts. The mount is engineered for quick insertion and release of the tablet. An innovative magnet mount system is available to magnetically attached to metal walls and sides of machinery or vehicles without having to drill holes.

Get more done with the productivity tool

These breakthrough cases include features that will allow future design options to enable users to scan barcodes, take mobile payments with a credit card reader or payment device, and build a 3D model of a scene or object. The design is in similar fashion as the recently released MobileDemand rugged cases for Microsoft Surface devices, turning them into multi-function mobile computing tools to get more done with the mobile workforce in retail enterprises, as well as logistics, supply chain, industrial, healthcare, field service and field sales applications.

“The two new MobileDemand cases for Apple iPad enable the frontline workforce to get more done,” said Matt Miller, President, MobileDemand. “The market has clear needs to better protect iPads deployed in many industries and provide additional productivity beyond simple tablet-style functionality. MobileDemand is delivering to help our customer reach new heights in productivity.”

The rugged iPad Mini case and rugged iPad Pro 11” case are available to preorder today and delivery by the end of September, 2019. The added functional options are projected to be available the first half of 2020. MobileDemand also offers the iPads as rugged iPad bundles; delivering the rugged and productive iPad, freeing the users from having to purchase and apply the case, screen protector, and productivity enhancements themselves.

About MobileDemand

Offering a broad family of devices, MobileDemand is a one-stop shop for powerful, all-weather rugged tablets with Microsoft Windows or Android, and rugged cases for Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad. xTablet ruggedized devices are the ideal tools for improving productivity and mobile worker decision making. With a portfolio of ten patents, MobileDemand is an innovator in mobile device productivity to industries such as retail, manufacturing, warehousing, field service, transportation, and healthcare as well as military and other public sector. Tablets start at only $595. Additional information available at

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