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New Tablet Review: In-Depth Look at the xTablet T1600 Rugged Tablet

From RuggedPCReview.com -- When MobileDemand introduced their rugged "thin-and-light" xTablet T1600 with its large 11.6-inch display late last year, the company instantly enhanced their reach into the market of on-the-go professionals. These are people in field service, field sales, retail, healthcare, warehousing and the public sector who need top performance in a ruggedized tablet form factor. In this article we're taking a detailed look at MobileDemand's popular big screen tablet.

One of the inherent problems in the tablet market is differentiation. Consumer tablet leaders Apple and Samsung have pretty much set customer expectations as to what a tablet should look like. By and large, any deviation from that ideal is punished by criticism or lack of interest. For manufacturers of rugged tablets, that is a particularly difficult challenge: their products must be tough and rugged and trendy and appealing enough to be accepted by a customer base that is all too tempted to simply buy inexpensive consumer tablets and stick them in a case.


Where does the new xTablet T1600 fit in? In essence, it provides a larger screen "power user" alternative to MobileDemand's existing tablets, those being the affordable 8-inch xTablet Flex 8 and 10.1-inch xTablet Flex 10 for customers considering consumer tablets but really need extra protection; the thin-and-light 10.1-inch T1400 (lower left) for those who need sealing, faster performance, barcode reading, and fast access to large local data; and the ultra-rugged 7-inch xTablet T7200 (upper right) and 10.4-inch xTablet T1200 (lower right) for the military or use in ultra-rugged or hazardous environments.

The T1600 clearly represents a new breed of tablet, one that is fashionably thin and light, uses the popular capacitive multi-touch, offers adequate onboard I/O, yet is much tougher and far better suited for business and the field than all those slender, fragile consumer tablets. Such a tablet must combine a modern look and feel with state-of-the-art Intel Core processor performance, the full Microsoft Windows experience, and enough customization potential to suit virtually any job. How did the designers of the T1600 go about that?

Want to learn more about the xTablet T1600? Read the entire rugged tablet review which covers the performance, display, wireless, accessories and much more! 

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