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NEW Innovative Technology Displayed on Rugged 3D Tablet at CXT Conference

 xDim Package CaptureCXT, a leading provider of courier software technology, provides last-mile delivery and logistics software to manage on-demand, route and distribution delivery operations, hosted a user conference taking place January 20-21, 2017. The conference was an educational and networking event that allowed users to gain insight into the company's product direction and learn more about how to leverage the X Dispatch product suite and Nextstop Mobile app to maximize operational efficiency. 

One exciting innovation in the mobility landscape is the first-to-market rugged tablet with a 3D camera. The MobileDemand device integrates an Intel® RealSense 3D camera into a ruggedized form factor Windows tablet. This device, the xTablet T8650, was a featured product in the MobileDemand and Supply Chain Services booth at the event and, as expected, had garnered a lot of positive attention.  

The xTablet T8650 featured xDim, a developmental software the integrates with X Dispatch. The new software provides X Dispatch users business analytics functionalities such as geo-tracking, documentation/conditions of boxes and packages, and the option to sync to the cloud. Additionally, xDim allows courier services to track where their workers are dropping off or picking up packages.  

With the xDim software users are able to acquire measurements, dimensions, and object recognition of boxes/packages using advanced computer vision technology and algorithms. The software provides the package dimensions, volume, and dimensional weight. The image is then geocoded and is available for a courier service to track the drop-off or pick-up location of the package. The imaging service is also used for tracking package damage or lack of damage when delivered. 

xDim is still in the developmental stages and is looking to launch mid-2017. Keep an eye out for this groundbreaking and innovative software. The xTablet T8650 is currently available for purchasing.

 Click Here for More Information on the xTablet T8650

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